How It Works

4 Steps to a Bullet-Proof R&D Tax Credit

1. Daily: Data Collection

Just before clocking out each day, employees log into Titan Matrix and record time spent on R&D activities. It takes just 60 seconds each day, and it only applies to employees that work on R&D projects.

Not sure what project qualifies for the credit? No problem. With Titan Armor, you’ll have the answers.

2. Quarterly Reports: No Surprises

Titan Armor provides a framework for CPAs and project managers to ensure that projects meet all IRS requirements. Quarterly reports enable you to track your progress throughout the year, as well as opportunities to make adjustments.

As IRS rules and interpretations change, Titan Armor continuously updates the software. That means there are no surprises when it’s time file your taxes with Titan Armor in your corner.

3. Annual Reports: No Guesswork

At tax time, your CPA simply applies salary information to the recorded employee hours and finalizes the Annual Report.

Titan Armor’s revolutionary software does all the heavy lifting throughout the year, so CPAs and project managers know exactly what to expect when they receive their Annual Reports.

4. Expert Audit Defense: Arm Yourself

Titan Armor has more experience dealing with auditors than any other firm in the game. Since 2008, we’ve provided NO-COST audit support to any taxpayer that faces an audit.

CPAs can leverage this expertise to successfully defend their client’s rightful R&D claims in the event of an audit. But the strategic guidance and hard data that Titan Armor provides is your best defense against an audit.